Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stevie Crooks [Interview]

We recently got up with Stevie Crooks, for those of you who are still unfamiliar, Stevie is a West Coast rapper that holds down that early East Coast sound. He also represents the streetwear culture to the fullest and uses that to his benefit when it comes down to his rhymes. We hope to continue to build with this dude as we feel he embodies a lot of what we are about and carries a solid element to the movement. Peep the Q and A!

What up Stevie? What you getting into today?
Whadup Whadup Nothing Major....California is looking beautiful today, play it by ear & stay outta trouble!

Stay focused my dude! Now we know your from Cali but fill us in on exactly what area you grew up in and where you currently reside? How did that location influence you in the music you make?
I was Born in Bellflower & went back and forth to Compton with my Grandma due to mom and pops working then we moved to the I.E ...But my location didn't influence a damn thing sad to say....I grew up on East-Coast music and stayed in my own world

That's real dope regardless. What event or events lead up to the turning point when you told yourself that I'm going to make this music shit happen?
Man good question, maybe when I broke up with my girl just to cypher with the homies in the parking lot at school or maybe the time i found myself ditching highschool daily just to make record on a weak lil KB toys mic haha classic!

Here at Defam we consider your "Diamonds and Guns" tape to be classic material. What details about your next project can you give us?
Yo i appreciate that Fam!....i cant tell you everything about the next project but do expect sicker beats and some collabs this time around I honestly want D&G to get enough time to be heard ..quality over quantity

Stevie Crooks - Crooklyn from LRGR THN LFE on Vimeo.

That's whats up, hyped to hear it. What artist and producer collabos are in the works for the near future and what artist and producer do you aspire to work with?
Its all about building first with me its nothing wrong with email swapping but ima throwback I like to know what type of cat im on a record with a lot Snakes dwell the streets these days....But id love to work with a producer like a SkiBeatz just to drop one name

Its evident you hold the west coast down but what east coast artist has influenced you the most?
Shiii....theres too many to name to be honest
I think every artist in the East coast around 94-96 around that time I was falling in love with hiphop and didn't know it ...I was bubble jacket, Timberland, camouflaged up on some Wu-Tang, MobbDeep, Onyx type ish.

Timeless! The come up of streetwear and hip hop hasn't always been at the point where it's at now, what are your plans to keep it consistent? And not let it saturate.
Stay original and pray to God these dudes stop using google images and whack rappers to rock their brands..but I got a feeling something will be said soon im sure of it.

What brands do you currently work with and what brands would you like to work
with in the future
L.O.V ......L.O.V.........annddd that brand called L.O.V (LIFE OF VILLAINS)
you respect them i can respect you

Shipping you the collabo now! Any upcoming tours or shows you'd like to plug?
Working on Touring up and down Cali & i'd love to Travel the world man who doesn't just need to network with the right peeps!

Get at us for those East coast dates, you know we can make it happen!

Anybody you want to shout out?

Shoutout to the Baseball Furies haha
All My SHORTIES & VILLAINS Around the world!

Thanks for the interview, everybody stay up with Stevie, check him out also at Stevie Crooks

Download Diamonds & Guns

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