Sunday, December 27, 2009

Defam introduces Steve Ramos.


Steve Ramos comes consistent on every record. We know only because he is embodied in Defam, and if you are unfamiliar it is our job to get you familiar.

M.T.L.E.T. which stands for Music To Leave Earth To is the upcoming debut mixtape from Mr. Ramos, which has heavy production from Decap, J-Chop and a few other heavy hitters. From original joints to selective remixes, the tape will showcase a new horizon of hip hop that will shed consciousness of inspiration.

You can download one of the tracks, appropriately titled 'On My Fizz' by clicking the picture at the top.

Here is a brief interview with Steve:

DN: What's good Steve? How are you doin today?

Steve: I'm doing very good, feeling very inspired.

DN: What inspires you as an artist? And who inspires you as an artist?

Steve: Passion, honesty, timeless music… just basically the life experience inspires me. Anyone who lives from their heart is an inspiration.

DN: You use your real name as your artist name, explain why you chose not to come up with your outlandish hip hop alias?

Steve: Steve is my birth name, I make music to reflect who I am. Most importantly we ask artists to just be who they are, outlandish name or not… its all art, and its all expression.

DN: You've been in the lab for a grip, what can we expect as the outcome of this?

Steve: Expect the universe. No more, no less.

DN: Any plans for shows?

Steve: Right now we're working with venues in the New England, Merrimack Valley, NYC areas. Contact us for booking at

DN: What is currently playing in your iPod?

Steve: Jay-Z, Sara Bareilles, Lil Wayne, Passion Pit

DN: Defam and Steve Ramos are heavy in the movement together, why do you feel people should vibe with both parties?

Steve: Because Defam got that fire! Lets keep it real.


DN: What is your favorite record of all time?

Steve: Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt

DN: What can people expect in 2010 from you?

Steve: The release of the world, through the channeling of timeless music and expression.

DN: Thats what it is, Steve is comin hard in 2010. Check out more of his work at

Download: On My Fizz

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Season 2 Videoshoot

Lets start the New Year right! What better way to showcase the new offering but with a wild ass video shoot! Well to a point. On January 1st, 2010, Defam needs your help, we need some extras for the lifestyle video that will be launched with the newest line. Filming will begin at 7:30P.M. but you will need to email us to reserve your spot and for the address to the location. The reason for the secret location is to prevent an overflow in unwanted guests, so yeah this is a special event and not 'everyone' is invited. Only those who email us at

The concept of the video will be emailed to each guest as soon we receive our max count, therefore each person or group will play an important part to the video. You most likely will be in the video and believe me this will be a good look!

The shoot will only a take a few hours so you have plenty of time to hit the bars, clubs, parties or all the other New Years Day festivities. But, ladies and fellas, be sure to look your best! If you got that Defam, wear it!